Tamilnadu Badminton Association was formed in or about in 1960s by Shri Baldev and Shri vinoth Sharma. The Association was active for a couple of years and became dormant thereafter.

In early 1970s Shri Selvaraj revived the Tamil Nnadu Badminton Association and held many tournaments in the Corporation Stadium. The Days when the legendary Shri Prakash Padukone won the 1st Senior and Junior National in Chennai for the first time beating Shri Suresh Gayal in Senior Event and Shri Divender Ahuja in Junior event are memorable one.

Then in 1980s Shri Vivek Goenka healed the Tamil Nadu Badminton Association and it was the turning Point for the Tamil Nadu Badminton Association for reaching several milestones. Legendary National players like Shri Partho Ganguli, Shri Chengappa, the brothers Michel and Edwin Srinivasan and in the women segment, the sisters Ms. Poornima Rao and Radha Rao, Usha Balamore brought laurels to Tamilnadu Badminton Association.

Since Shri vivek intended to move to Bombay, the activities of association was taken up by Shri Ashok Balaji. He also played a crucial role in constructing the sport of Badminton in many parts of Tamilnadu and conglomerated the District associations under the banner of Tamil Nadu Badminton Association.

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